Green Tree Pythons- The Death From Above!

Green Tree Pythons are a wicked looking snake and when you examine up close them you know they are not a snake to mess with.  Their lips are lined with labial pits which make their face look like they have ridges or teeth and their eyes are slightly forward facing, so when they lock on to you with their eyes it makes them rather intimidating. This is an example of how some people would describe a Green Tree Python, but others would describe them as majestic animals that have amazing colors, make beautiful coils and are unique predators. All of which would be right.  Green Tree Pythons are scary to many people, but gems to others.

Why are Green Tree Python populations declining?

Green Tree Pythons are unfortunately seeing population declines due to them being reptile gems.  Their beauty and coloration make them highly sought after reptiles and although many of them are being captive bred by reptile breeds here in the US, they are still being taken from the wild legally and illegally.  Hopefully with change in their conservation status and continued efforts by breeders and zoos this species would not longer be declining in the wild.

Are Green Tree Pythons one of the giant pythons?

Green Tree Pythons may be a little intimidating and scary to some people, but besides having a painful bite, they are pretty much harmless.  People think because they have python in their name that they are automatically a massive snake species.  Green Trees are actually one of the smaller species of snakes in the python family.   They are arboreal, so they have slender bodies and are built for successful tree life.  The do not get long either when compared to the world's largest species, but they do reach an impressive 6 ft in length.

Does a Green Tree Pythons bite hurt?

Yes, I afraid so defenders.  A Green Tree Python mouth is filled with curved needle like teeth that act live fish hooks when the animals is biting prey.  The snake will spring load its body and launch out with its mouth open, trying to latch one to prey with its fish hooks.  Once a snake has captured its prey those teeth help to make sure they do not loose their prey when squeezing and swallowing it.  So when you are bitten by a G.T.P you will feel the same needle like, hook teeth latching into your hand. Luckily a Green Tree Python doesn't want to eat you, so you won't have those teeth in for long.

There is a lot more you can learn about G.T.Ps in the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders Kids' Zone.  Just head over and click Snake  Center or you can head straight to the Green Tree Python center where you will find activities, coloring pages and event a Green Tree Python Quiz you can do after. Have fun and never stop learning about reptiles. 

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