Gross Animal Habits

We all know that the animal world is usually not as clean as human society. If you've ever lived with a pet, hopefully you're bathing more often than them! While most animals aren't particularly gross or disgusting, some creatures out there have some really nasty habits! Whether it's how they clean themselves...what they like to eat (including poop!) the smells they have, or perhaps just where they like to live, there are some things about animals that really make you just wanna gross out!

  • The Fly - Have you heard the tale about how Flies eat their food? Yes it's true Defenders, Flies vomit up digestive juices when they land so they can turn whatever they want to eat into a nasty soup they suck up for nutrients. Best of all, Flies love to get feces (poop), so you might want to think twice the next time a fly lands on your lunch!
  • The Hippo - Yup, this big bad mamma jamma is might have read our dangerous animals article and learned all about how ferocious a Hippopotamus can be. Well, they aren't only aggressive - they're pretty disgusting too! Because these animals are so territorial they need a strong way to mark that territory, and they just so happen to do that by flinging urine and feces all over the place! When they emerge from their mudbaths a Hippo will swirl their tail and shoot off a super gross spitball of pee and poop together to mark their territory and humiliate their competitors.
  • Parasites - Now this whole gross animal section could be filled with parasites and bloodsuckers, but there's only one we're going to talk about here, and it's a doozy. The parasite known as Ommatokoita elongata is only about two inches long, so it can sneak its way onto its favorite place pretty easily... a shark's eyeball!!! That's right Defenders, these parasites will feed on the cornea of a shark, causing the host to slowly go blind over time. While parasites in general can give you the heeby jeebies, be glad you're not a shark having to deal with these guys getting in your eyes!
  • The Giraffe - As you can see above in the picture, Giraffes have some pretty long tongues to go with their long necks and limbs. A Giraffe tongue can be 18 inches long, perfect for getting those leaves they love to eat off the branches, with extra saliva in their mouth to make it easy to swallow. However these long necked wonders love to do something else with their tongues...clean their noses! If you ever have a chance to see a Giraffe in person it's a marvelous sight...just be ready for a snotty kiss if you get licked!
  • The Dung Beetle - Just as we started with an animal that loves to eat poop, we're going to end the list just the same! Dung Beetles are a unique brand of insect that literally have their whole life cycle revolved around poop! There are 3 main ways dung beetles live day by day - Either the beetle is a "roller", so it rolls dung into balls, it's a "tunneler" that buries the dung and creates tunnels underground for the balls, or it's a "dweller" that doesn't dig or roll, but just LIVES in the dung! Most dung beetles eat mainly or only dung, and to reproduce they will get a big rolled ball and lay eggs in the ball, so the larvae grows up living in and eating from a ball of poop! Gross!!!

And the world is filled with even more crazy strange and gross animal habits!

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