Hard or Leather?

Howdy Defenders! Did you know reptile eggs, bird eggs, insects eggs, and amphibian eggs are all different? They have different shapes, colors, densities, and patterns! Animals live in different habitats and take up different niches. Different habitats have different pressures that cause animals and their eggs to adapt to a particular environment. This means that the eggs come in all kinds of different styles. A hummingbird's eggs are small and can stay hidden from predators. Eggs have spots or colors to camouflage with their surroundings, while others are lopsided to prevent them from rolling downhill!

Most people think that all eggs are hard and crunchy like a bird egg. We see eggs everyday in the fridge and those are crunchy, so all eggs must be crunchy, right?  That is only correct for birds, as not all animals lay crunchy eggs. The majority of reptiles actually lay soft leathery eggs. Being long and skinny, snakes benefit from being able to lay flexible eggs. There are some reptiles like tortoises and sea turtles that do lay a hard more calcified shelled egg. Fish and amphibians have soft jelly like eggs that are meant to be underwater and insects have all kinds of weird eggs!


With such a huge variety in egg styles it can get a little confusing, so keep learning defenders and don’t forget to explore the entire animal kingdom to learn even more facts! If you love watching animal videos head to our animal YouTube channel and follow Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders on Instagram!


Keep Exploring Defenders!