How do Fungi eat?

What do fun guys eat? And how do they do it? I mean, fungi...

Fungi are eukaryotic organisms like mushrooms, molds, mildews, truffles, and yeasts. Maybe you have seen fungi  when you are out on a hike or even in your backyard (they like to live on trees and other natural areas). Above all, fungi eat living or dead organisms. They absorb nutrients from plant or animal matter around them. Furthermore, the fungi that eat dead organic material are called saprotrophic fungi and the fungi eating living organisms are called parasitic fungi.
So... how do fungi absorb their food?
Fungi have thin threads called hyphae and the hyphae release enzymes (food absorbers) that breakdown organic matter like dead animals, dead trees and leaves. To continue, the hyphae grouped together makeup mycelium. Mycelium are the channels  that grow outwards from fungi to look for nutrients and water. Once the mycelium finds nutrients, they take them back to the fungus so it can eat and grow.

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