How Many Species Of Marmosets?

In this Animal of the Week, we focused on the Pygmy Marmoset, but there is currently around 22 species of marmosets that are equally unique. We know many people huge fascinations with primates and we are really hoping to continue building our kids zone with marmoset tiles and continue to focus on the list below.

  1. Genus Callithrix
  • Buffy- Headed Marmoset
  • Wied's Marmoset
  • Common marmoset
  • Black-tufted marmoset
  • Buffy-Tufted Marmoset

 2. Genus Mico

  • White Marmoset
  • Emilia's Marmoset
  • Black-Headed Marmoset
  • Rio Acari Marmoset
  • Silvery Marmoset
  • Maues Marmoset
  • Mundurku Marmoset
  • Gold and White Marmoset
  • Marca's Marmoset
  • Satere Marmoset
  • Rondon's Marmoset
  • Black Tailed Marmoset
  • Santaren Marmoset
  • Hershkovitz's Marmoset

3. Genus Callibella

  • Roosmalen's Dwarf Marmoset

 4. Genus Cebuella

Marmosets are a diverse group of primates that deserve our love and respect.  If you have made it to the end of this list then be sure to check out the last animal, the Pygmy Marmoset! We have lots more to learn over in primate center, so click to learn more!

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