I Love Dousing!!

Raccoons are a funny, intelligent and chubby mammals that occupy the majority of the North American content. If you have spent time researching or watching Common Raccoon videos then you may have seen videos of them washing their food or getting their hands wet while their try to catch food.  This cute process is known as dousing and many people think this is because the raccoons are trying to be the best versions of themselves and remove the germs from their food, but that is actually not the case.

Wild Common Raccoons are known to look and forage for food near stream beds or areas of water and when they are observed you will see them reaching their hands under the surface of the water. This is done to assist them in catching food by increasing the sensitivity of the raccoons paws. It is believed that the nerves in the paws are loosened up and awakened when coming in contact with water, which helps them by giving them more details on what they are about to eat. Is it rough food, is it spiky food, is the food slippery, is there unwanted stuff attached to the food?  These are all questions the raccoons may be able to answer when dunking their food and hands under water.

When in captivity and dousing, raccoons will pick up food and dunk it under the water and will even splash water on their food and wipe it down.  This system done by the raccoons looks like their are directly washing their food, but this is believed to be an instinctive activity retained from they wild relatives, but not them actually washing their food.

Altogether the method of dousing is done to increase the sensitivity of their nerve endings and help give them information about their food for both wild and captive raccoons.

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