Indian Elephants: Check Out The Big Trunk On Campus!

This week at Critter Squad Wildlife Defender Headquarters we will be taking a look at the Indian Elephant, which are out Animal of the Week! What can I say about elephants that hasn't already been said? They are huge. They are majestic. They are intelligent.  The are herbivores, well megaherbivores.  They live in herds. They have a grayish color skin. They are scared of mice! Wait, are they scared of mice?  Anyhow, elephants are easily one of the most recognizable animals on the entire planet and the world is filled with people who feel very passionately about the safety and well being of elephants.  Indian elephants along with the rest of elephant species are involved deeply in cultural heritage and also part of spiritual beliefs.  We have a lot of resources for you to learn about Indian Elephants in the kids zone, so don't forget to check out all the tiles.  But, we have broken down many of the top questions asked by our fans and followers below!

How Big Do The Indian Elephants Get?

Indian Elephants are not the largest of the living elephants, but they are huge none the less.  There is a significant size difference between the Indian Elephant males and females.  Males are said to weigh in between 11,000-12,000 lbs and females weigh in around half that size, with the average being around 6,000 lbs. 

What Is With The Indian Elephants Trunk? 

The Indian Elephants, like all elephants, are know for their trunks which is also called the proboscis or simply, the nose. The trunk is such a unique feature of the elephants and they are very versatile.  The trunk is used for communication, making sounds, manipulating things in their environment, breathing and smelling. The elephants trunk is on of the most unique body parts on any animal and has around 150,000 individual muscles which makes them strong and allows the elephants to pick up more then 500 lbs with their trunk alone.  Elephants are in need of their trunk for daily successful life and it even helps them when they need to cross deep water. 

Can Indian Elephants Run Fast?

People find it hard to believe that a animal that size can hustle, but believe it or not the Indian Elephant can run when needed.  When Indian Elephants start to get their big bodies moving they can easily top out around 25 mph.  This is actually quite fast for a massive beast and it is a speed that would make very hard for the average human to out run and elephant. The world's current fastest sprinter Usain Bolt can run about 28 mph, so now imaging a 12,000 lbs elephant running 25 mph. Pretty impressive, right defenders?

Well Defenders, we hope you enjoyed this short read on the Indian Elephants. Don't forget to check out all the elephant centers in the Kids Zone and be sure to do all the coloring pages and share your work on social media!  You can also explore the entire family of Elephantidae there as well.  See you there defenders!



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