Join A Herpetology Club

Many people are interested in reptiles and look for ways to become more involved in the reptile community. Reptile enthusiasts, often called "herpers", love getting together with other reptile lovers to share information and stories on their finds. These little groups eventually develop into larger organizations referred to as Herpetology Societies! Herpetology Societies or Herp Clubs are local clubs that support and grow the reptile community. These clubs have gatherings to listen to keynote speakers, explore each others animals, and educate the public about misconceptions! The greatest part about it is they are always looking for new members to come join the fun! Joining a Herpetology Club is a great way to connect with a reptile community near you.


Many Herpetology Clubs will rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted or mistreated reptiles. This helps to insure that reptiles do not end up in kill shelters. A Herpetology Society will work hard to find the animal a new home.

If you wanted to learn more about the things your local herp society does then be sure to check for a local herp club online. If you are unable to find a local club then you can check right here on the Critter Squad Wildlife Defender website to see if there are any herpetology societies in your area. Just look for the tile below! To learn more about reptiles then click here to head back to the reptile center in the animal kingdom!


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