Jumpin’ Green Tree Logs! Wait… Frogs?!?!

Jumping Tree Logs Defenders!  We have an exciting animal to talk about this week.  It's the Green Tree Log!  Wait a second, I just got word that the animal this week is the Green Tree Frog!  That's frog, not log.  Which is much better because I was not going to be able to write about green tree LOGS for very long, but frogs on the other hand I can write about all day!

Green Tree Frogs are some of the cutest little froggies around. They are fragile frogs that are a little shy and really good at jumping. Green Tree Frogs are actually an important animal here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders because they are one of our top 10 educational animals that we use for educational purposes.  These guys don't make the best handlers, but are really cool to watch in their enclosures, so they make great educational display animals.   They are active, very visual and love to walk on the walls of their enclosures, which kids find to be really fascinating.  If you are lucky you will see them hunt for their food, which is usually small crickets in captivity.  In the wild they can tend to eat other things like flies and mosquitoes, but are more elusive so they are harder to watch eat.

The males are very vocal and will tend to make calls when it gets dark out. When male frogs make noise it is mostly to attract a mate and sometimes to warn other males or even to enforce a territory. In fact, Green Tree Frogs have a relatively loud and unique call for such a little frog.   Why don't you guys use your legs and jump over to the Green Tree Frog tile in the kids zone, so you can continue learning about their amazing qualities.  This kids zone tile is very full!  There is a Green Tree Frog coloring page, a quiz, lots of information on amphibians and frogs in general.  You can also find out if frogs or toads give you warts!  See you there defenders!

Keep Exploring Defenders!