Marine Mammal Protection Act

In 1972 the US government created a very important act that was set in place to protect some an important part of the ocean's ecosystems. It's called the Marine Mammal Protection Act and it was put in place to help give marine mammals a safe haven in the states.  This was a huge move for conservation and the well being of wildlife and has continued to stay in effect, helping marine mammals till this day.  The Marine Mammal Protection Act is enforced by the UFSWS and NOAA who are able to issue fines and arrests for people breaking the rules of the act.  The act enforces no hunting, bothering, chasing, trapping or doing anything that may hurt, bother, kill a marine mammal. Even disrupting their normal behavior, migration patterns or bothering them while they rest can be considered a violation of the MMPA.  Below is some examples of marine mammal families protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. 

Protect Marine Mammal Families:






If the MMPA continues to stay in effect then we will continue to see marine mammals thriving in the coastal waters off the US.  Please continue to explore out kids zone and don't forget to check out all out marine mammal coloring pages or watch some of our awesome you tube videos. 

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