MEET Dr. Reimer, DVM

Dan has been a veterinarian at Adler Veterinary Group since 1991. He started working there while in high school, and has been with the hospital throughout his career. He is a graduate of UC Davis, a lifelong resident of Southern California, and has a wonderful wife and daughter. He loves baseball, softball, and his two dogs Sophie and Dryfus. He also has a cat and multiple reptiles.
He became Medical Director when the practice was sold in 2007. Dan has a strong interest in rabbit, small mammal, avian and reptile medicine and surgery. He is extremely dedicated to the practice and his clientele.
Dr. Reimer is a member of the AVMA, CVMA, AAV (Assoc. Avian), ARAV(Assoc. Reptile and Amphibian), and ASGV (Sugar Glider Vet.) We are proud to entrust the health of our beloved animals to the expert hands of professionals — thank you, All Pets Medical Centre

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