Meet Shadow (Emperor Scorpion)

Meet Shadow!

Shadow is an adult emperor scorpion. Emperor scorpions live in the jungles and savannah on Africa, but we didn't go that far to find him. He is a rescue pet that someone gave to Critter Squad so we could provide him a better home. He is an invertebrate and an arthropod. What's an Arthropod? Like all arthropods, Shadow has a tough exoskeleton and a fierce appearance. Even though he looks scary, he's a really friendly scorpion that does great with kids. He's 4 inches long, but may still grow even longer!

Are you brave enough to have a pet scorpion?

If you love things with big strong claws and a fearsome stinger, an emperor scorpion like Shadow makes an excellent pet. When he was younger, he'd use his stinger to paralyze insects before eating them. Now that he's full grown, he only needs to use his powerful claws to grab his food. The venom in his stinger might not feel too great, but it isn't dangerous to humans.

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