Meet The Elephantidae

The Elephantidae is a small, yet massive group of terrestrial animals. Based on the name it is very easy to figure out what animals are found in this family. It's the elephants! Elephants are massive and intelligent animals that form strong family bonds.  These huge animals are known by their massive bodies, large ears and their trunks or proboscis that is a huge extended nose.   We have a made a list below of the current living species of elephants for you to explore!  Don't forget to check out the elephants centers that we have created inside the kids zone.

List of living elephant species:

Loxodonta (African)
African bush elephant
North African elephant
African forest elephant
Elephas (Asiatic)
Asian elephant
Sri Lankan elephant
Indian elephant
Sumatran elephant
Borneo elephant
Javan elephant
Syrian elephant

Elephants are one of the most well know animals in the animal kingdom and we hope you have a great time exploring and learning about this amazing animals. Don't forget to do all the elephant coloring pages and watch all the videos in our you tube channel.  See you guys there defenders!


Keep Exploring Defenders!