Meet the Penguins!

Penguins!!! Yay!!  We are so excited to focus on a penguins here at C.S.W.D. and everyone loves penguins, except the Penguin from the old Batman movie- that guy is just weird.  They are such a well known bird, yet many people have never seen one in person. Penguins are built to swim like little torpedoes in the water and they are equipped with counter coloration a color patterning of being dark on top and light on the bottom.  This will help them to fool predators who are out on the hunt.  Penguins are also equipped with webbed feet to help with swimming, a strong beak for catching fish and a chubby body to help keep them warm in freezing temperatures. All the Penguin species are broken in to 6 genus and around 20 species, some of which are disputed species or have gone extinct.

Check out the list of penguin species below:

Genus Eudyptes

  • Fiordland penguin
  • Snares penguin
  • Erect-crested penguin
  • Southern rockhopper penguin
  • Eastern rockhopper penguin
  • Northern rockhopper penguin
  • Royal penguin
  • Macaroni penguin

Genus Spheniscus

  • Magellanic penguin
  • Humboldt penguin
  • Galapagos penguin
  • African penguin

Genus Megadyptes

  • Yellow-eyed penguin

Genus Eudyptula

Genus Aptenodytes

Genus Pygoscelis

There is many ways to learn about birds and other penguins inside the Critter Squad Kids' Zone.  So we hope you learned something coming to our site and click here to further explore our animal kingdom!

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