Monterrey Bay, California

Meet The Pinnipeds

Family Phocidae

  • Harbor seal
  • Spotted seal
  • Ringed seal
  • Caspian seal
  • Baikal seal
  • Ribbon seal
  • Harp seal
  • Gray seal
  • Hooded seal
  • Bearded seal
  • Weddell seal
  • Leopard seal
  • Crabeater seal
  • Ross seal
  • Southern elephant seal
  • Northern elephant seal
  • Mediterranean monk seal
  • Hawaiian monk seal
  • Caribbean monk seal

Family Otariidae

  • Antarctic fur seal
  • Guadalupe fur seal
  • Juan Fernández fur seal
  • Galápagos fur seal
  • New Zealand Fur Seal
  • Subantarctic fur seal
  • Brown fur seal
  • South American fur seal
  • Northern fur seal
  • Australian sea lion
  • New Zealand sea lion
  • California sea lion
  • Galápagos sea lion
  • Japanese sea lion
  • South American sea lion
  • Steller sea lion

Family Odobenidae

  • Walrus

Hope you enjoyed checking out all the list of pinniped species and exploring their animal centers.   We have so many great ways you can learn inside the kids zone, along with some awesome coloring pages, downloadable activities and quizzes for you, your family and friends or students to learn about animals.

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