Meet The Procyonidae

The Procyonidae is a family of mammals that have quite the fierce reputation. These mostly nocturnal animals are primarily omnivores and have diversified into 14 living species who are quite specialized.  The majority of them are nocturnal, with only a few of them having both diurnal and nocturnal tendencies. The Procyonids are mostly arboreal and at minimal they are considered semi-arboreal, but they are all equipped for life in the trees.  They are slender and have smaller faces and perky ears.  To learn more about each individual animal in the Procyonidae then click the links below.

Check out all the mammals in the Procyonidae family below:

  • Kinkajou
  • Crab-eating raccoon
  • Common raccoon
  • Cozumel raccoon
  • South American coati
  • Western mountain coati
  • Eastern mountain coati
  • White-nosed coati
  • Ringtail
  • Northern olingo
  • Eastern lowland olingo
  • Western lowland olingo
  • Olinguito
  • Cacomistle

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