Meet The Pythonidae

Hey Defenders!  Pythons are one of the longest group of animals on the planet!  Get it? The Longest!!  The python group varies from some smaller, slender tree dwellers to some massive beasts that get over 15 feet long. We want you guys to be able to explore the world of pythons and so we have built a list of all the current recognized species in the python family.  Check it out below! 

List of Python Species! 


  • Papuan olive python


  • Black-headed python
  • Woma python


  • Children's python
  • Spotted python
  • Pygmy python
  • Stimson's python


  • D'Albertis' python
  • Parker's white-lipped python
  • Huon white-lipped python
  • Southern white-lipped python
  • Wau white-lipped python
  • Bismark ringed python
  • Biak white-lipped python


  • Boelen's python
  • Bredl's python
  • Southwestern carpet python
  • Coastal carpet python
  • Inland carpet python
  • Rough-scaled python
  • Carpet python
  • Northwestern carpet python
  • Green Tree Python
  • Jungle carpet python
  • Diamond python


  • Brongersma's short-tailed python
  • Sumatran short-tailed python
  • Myanmar short-tailed python
  • Angolan python
  • Burmese python
  • Giant Burmese python
  • African rock python
  • Southern African rock python
  •  African rock python
  • Dwarf Burmese python
  • Bornean short-tailed python
  • Indian python
  • Indian python
  • Sri Lankan python
  • Ball python


  • Oenpelli python
  • Halmahera python
  • Amethystine python
  • Moluccan python
  • Australian scrub python
  • Tanimbar python


  • Water python
  • Olive python
  • Pilbara olive python
  • Olive python
  • Macklot's python
  •  Macklot's python
  • Dunn's python
  •  Savu python


  • Reticulated python
  • Tanahjampean reticulated python
  • Selayer reticulated python
  • Asiatic reticulated python
  • Timor python

Don't forget to continue exploring the animal kingdom to learn about all the major groups of animals that inhabit our earth!  We also have coloring pages for kids, quizzes and animals video games you can try! See you there defenders!

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