Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program

We are excited to highlight a wonderful conservation program located in Brazil, with a hard working global team and numerous supporters focused on solely on the conservation of two endangered species of marmosets endemic to the South-Eastern Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.

The Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program focuses on the conservation of the Buffy Headed Marmoset and the Buffy Tufted-Eared Marmoset both of which are facing many threats in their natural habitat.  Destruction of the rainforest is causing habitat fragmentation and isolation of their populations which puts strains on population density and growth.  According to the Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program the Buffy Headed Marmoset and the Buffy Tufted- Eared Marmoset are also facing issues due to invasive Marmoset species moving into their range, which creates competition and hybridization between the different species.

The Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program has a beautiful website with great videos and valuable information, along with ways you can get involved and their current conservation strategies.  We highly encourage you to check out their website and find out how you can help!  Please be sure to read all the great information they have on the two marmoset species they are protecting.   Thanks Defenders!

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