Nesting / Animal Homes

Many animals build elaborate homes to live in.


  • Are holes and tunnels dug underground by animals
  • Burrows can range from simple tubes, to complex networks of tunnels and chambers
  • Many animals burrow, including rabbits, moles, ants, reptiles and even penguins!


  • A type of burrow, but is usually larger
  • Dens can also be used by animals to hibernate for the winter
  • Animals use dens include coyotes, lions, bears and foxes


  • Nest are used to hold animal’s eggs, but can also be a place to rest and to raise offspring
  • Nests tend to be made out of organic material, like twigs, grass and leaves, but sometimes can be made out of weirder things like string, hair or even spit!
  • While most nests are built by birds, other animals make nests as well, such as turtles and insects

Beaver Dams

  • One of the most elaborate homes constructed by animals
  • Dams can protect beavers from predators and provide easy access to food during the winter
  • Beavers build dams out of timber, stones and mud

Termite Mounds

  • These mounds can sometimes be over 90 feet tall!
  • Mounds will often still remain long after the original termite colony is long gone
  • Very elaborate full of many tunnels and chambers

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