Places To See Reptiles In Los Angeles!

Hey Defenders!  Los Angeles is a huge place and there is so many things to do.  Often times we will meet customers at public events that go places specifically to see reptiles.  Some have even traveled from other states to see reptile facilities in California.  There is a variety of reptiles species and reptile niches, in both the pet care and the zoological world that make people fascinated with them. Whether its the elaborate enclosures or the diverse looks, reptiles are always captivating.  To help make things easy for you when you are traveling in the heavily trafficked city known as Los Angeles, we have made a list of places you can go to see reptiles in person. These are all great places that have live reptiles and ways for you to interactive or view them. 

Painted Reptile 

The Painted Reptile is a reptile specialty shop located in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of the city.  This place is a very cool reptile store, with a unique vibe and constant foot traffic.  Not only can you find experts who know everything about reptiles, but you will find the best selection of affordable reptile supplies anywhere in the Los Angeles area. They have a reptile viewing area with over 200 reptiles, some of which are educational animals that live in the facility and other are for sale. Painted Reptile is one of the coolest places to see reptiles in Southern California, so stop in and check out their monitor lizards, snakes and many others that you don't want to miss. 


The L.A.I.R is located inside the LA Zoo and one of the things that make the LA Zoo a special place to visit.  The L.A.I.R stands for Living Amphibian, Invertebrates and Reptiles and focuses on the animals you are seeking to see.  The L.A.I.R has beautiful enclosures with detailed naturalistic looks, plenty of room and educational signs to help you learn while you explore. The exhibit will twist and twirl through different themes as you see different animals.  If you are visiting or just a Los Angeles native, then you must head to the L.A.I.R to see for yourself. 

Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders 

Critter Squad is your local wildlife outreach program and they have been doing educational presentations in the Los Angeles area for over 12 years.  They have a huge selection of reptiles and other animals that are great for educational presentations and parties, including the cheapest prices on reptile parties in all of Southern California.  You can go directly to Critter Squad to meet reptiles in their Meet and Greet program.  These are private experiences with some amazing reptiles.  Book with them today, so you can meet some reptiles.

Placerita Nature Center 

This is a local hiking spot just outside of Los Angeles and it has some great hiking trails and some great views.  In fact, the wildlife viewing is not that bad as well.  It can be a little crowded at times, so choose a good time to go,but seeing wildlife there is very common, including seeing snakes. There is a very informative and cute nature center located on the main trail and they host a live animal presentation at 1:00 pm and family nature hike at 11:00 am and both are held every Saturday. There is even a few native reptiles on display.  Be sure to check it out! 

We hope this helped you guys locate some awesome reptiles during your time in Los Angeles.  There are some awesome spots and we hope you check them all out. You can continue learning about reptiles in our kids zone and don't forget to check out the Green Tree Python center to learn about these awesome arboreal pythons. 


Keep Exploring Defenders!