Grant's gazelles in Kenya, Don Macauley

Grant’s Gazelle Quiz

Grant's Gazelle
scotwallach@gmail.com Scot wallach
White Eyed Assassin Bug Platymeris biguttatus

White Spotted Assassin Bug Quiz

White Sided Assassin Bugs
Amanda Pruyn apruyn@progressivemedinc.com 3143747333 Hi- Our company is participating in a healthcare convention on May 1 in Los Angeles. One of our events is a hermit crab race. This was not listed specifically as a service you provide, but if this is something you may be able to help with, please contact us at your...

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Bateleur Eagle with Kill ()

Bateleur Eagle Quiz

Bateleur Eagle
apruyn@progressivemedinc.com Amanda Pruyn
dwarf mongooses   ()

Common Dwarf Mongoose Quiz

Dwarf Mongoose
Courtney Vanis vanis.courtney@gmail.com 6268339139 My daughter Taylor’s 8th birthday, we would like to ultimate critter party on February 4. Thank you! No
Flamenco en Laguna Chaxa

Andean Flamingo Quiz

Andean Flamingo
vanis.courtney@gmail.com Courtney Vanis
Oreotragus oreotragus ()

Klipspringer Quiz

Linda Spivack lspivack@adatarieldayschool.org 818-766-4992 Please contact me about scheduling a classroom visit for our kindergarten again. During the week of Feb. 21-24 or Feb. 27-March 3 would be best for us. Thanks, Linda No
Hawksbill turtle doeppne  ()

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Quiz

Hawksbills Sea Turtles
lspivack@adatarieldayschool.org Linda Spivack
Dusky Gopher Frog a ()

Mississippi Gopher Frog Quiz

Mississippi Gopher Frog
Rainey Smith raineysmith.mkt@gmail.com 0000000000 We are a leading India based SEO company providing the best search engine optimization services. We act as your business partner and helps you reach your business goals. We promote websites no matter who you are – a huge company with thousands of employees, a small business or a professional who...

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red ruffed lemur

Red-Ruffed Lemur Quiz

Red- Ruffed Lemur
Nicole Hernandez-Liva tolearn33@yahoo.com 818-294-2386 6 th birthday party in Granada Hills scheduled for Sat. February 4th. Preferably at 3pm. Please call me back asap. Thank you! No
Urubu rei Sarcoramphus papa

King Vulture Quiz

King Vulture
Deborah Troiano datroiano@hotmail.com 8022724228 Hello I am trying to find a store that sells single grasshoppers (preferably a nymph) that we can have as a pet Do you sell these? If not, can you refer me elsewhere? Thanks Deborah No
Himalayan black bear climbing

Sun Bear Quiz

Sun Bear
Karalyn karalynshima@yahoo.com 3104692956 Hi! I’m interested in having a bunny party on 1/29/17 in manhattan beach, 90266. please let me know about availability, pricing, etc. THANK YOU! No
Dassie (rock hyrax), South Africa

Rock Hyrax Quiz

Rock Hyrax
Michelle Jewell jewell1988m@gmail.com 562-781-1814 I was just trying to book for a birthday party First Name/ Last Name: Michelle Jewell Location type: residential Name of location: Address we will be arriving to: 11638 Glenworth st Santa Fe Springs ca 90670 Phone number: 562-781-1814 Date and time: January 28th 2017 3pm? How many kids will be...

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Helmeted guinea fowl

Helmeted Guinea Fowl Quiz

Helmeted Guinea Fowl
Dean Wellins dpwellins@hotmail.com 818-726-0583 Looking for a 45 minute bird show for a Boy Scout Troop Meeting, next Tuesday (May 24th). Start time would be @ 7:45pm. Please contact me if you have any availability. Thank you! No
Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle Quiz

Harpy Eagle
Carrie carriemaurais@hotmail.com 9493553363 Are you available to do a birthday party (mixed critter- reptiles/ mammals, with some Add-ons) for my (soon to be 5 year old) twins on JULY 30th in Ladera Ranch CA? No
green tree

Green Tree Python Quiz

Green Tree Python
Shannon E Terry sterry@norcal-group.com 9092731003 Would like to book party in Covina CA outside on 06/5 in the afternoon. Time is somewhat flexible No

Garden Snail Quiz

garden snail
The Role of Ayahuasca in Addiction Treatment
 dbde b

Virginia Opossum Quiz

Virginia Opossum
Date: March 27-29 Time: 9:30 - 5pm Optional: excursion after the event for campers and presenters - TBD

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