Reindeers Can Float In Water!

The first time I heard that Reindeer could float, I imagined a bunch of Reindeer enjoying spring a break party, floating down some river in style.  But, then I realized that there is not much happening in the life of a Reindeer that could be qualified as a spring break party, since life of a Reindeer is tough for the majority of the year.  But, yes it is true Reindeer can float and it is because of their fur!  Reindeer have two coats in their fur and one has evolved what we like to call the latest reindeer technology.

One layer (or coat) of the animal's fur has hollow, air-filled hair that is shaped like tubes or quills. These little hairs act like millions of little buoys which help to keep the Reindeer afloat in the water.  Like we already stated, they are not hanging out, floating down river with a drink in hoof so, they still need to swim when in the water. But, the hairs do assist in keeping them higher out of the water, which is less work for them during long swims.

Like we already mentioned in other tiles of the kids zone, the Reindeer travel incredibly long distances during migrations and some sub-species are known to swim for very long distances during those migrations.  So, what better way to make swimming easier then evolving some pretty awesome adaptations.

The reindeer section of the kids zone is VERY full and has so many fun and exciting ways to explore the world of Reindeer- make sure you head over and check it out!


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