Reptile Conservation

We often only hear about the biggest conservation stories or the most affected animals. The pandas. The orangutans. Rhinos, whales, and so on. We rarely hear about conservation efforts for the smaller species out there. Do we actually do conservation work for things like insects? Or reptiles? The answer is yes defenders! Reptile conservation is very real. Biologists and ecologists are working regularly to preserve land, monitor species, and help the reptiles and amphibians of our planet from extinction.

Reptile conservation doesn’t happen on the scale that it should

Some people don't think reptiles are worth conservation efforts. Yet these animals are very important to the balance of life. Reptiles without specific attention are often protected by umbrella species. Umbrella species are larger species in the conservation eye that need assistance. When we preserve land for larger species, this can help protect smaller species like insects, reptiles, and plants as well.

You can always join the conservation family and get out there and support facilities and herpetologists working on reptile conservation. Don’t forget to keep studying your reptile facts in the reptile center of the kids zone, or watch some of our awesome reptile videos right on our Youtube channel.


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