Riparian Zone

What's up Defenders and welcome to the Riparian Zone tile, which is an important section found in our Habitats and Biomes center of the Critter Squad Kids' Zone.  Riparian Habitats are a very important habitat, which is defined as the habitat between land and a river.  The area between open land and the flowing water of a river becomes a place of diversity, as many species of plants and animals have made the riparian zone their home.  Plants that live in the zone are used to a watery life and have many beneficial qualities for the rivers and surrounding habitats. One of these is the riparian zones natural ability to filter out excess sediment from flowing in to the rivers and other areas down river.  The plants are also preserving and preventing soil erosion and have naturally evolved to prevent the rivers from washing away everything valuable contained in the soil.  These zones are also beneficial at filtering out excess nutrients and fertilizers that are runoff from farms and other agricultural establishments.

Riparian Zones are doing many things for the ecosystems above and below the water.  They create opportunities for animal movement along the rivers, they shade the water creating a variety of water temperatures for wildlife to thrive, their root systems create many pockets for fish and other invertebrates to find shelter and they help at slowing and distorting the flow of water which makes life easier for certain animals and helps to distribute nutrients among the riparian habitat.  We are well aware of the importance of riparian areas and researchers, conservationists, and volunteers work hard to protect these valuable areas.

We have started to generate a list of animals that you can find in the Riparian Zones below, so be sure to check out all the amazing animals we have featured in the past that can be found in the kids zone.

Animals Found In The Riparian Zone:

European Mink

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