Salt Water Crocs! The Planet’s True Beasts!

The Salt Water Crocodile is one of the most impressive reptiles to live in the modern world.   The prehistoric giants come with mind boggling statistics that will make any defenders eye balls bulge.  Like that fact that the largest males can reach an insane 2,000 lbs or that they can reach to 17 ft in length!  I don't even think that Shaq in his prime could dunk on 17ft!  They are massive and since are so big, they eat massive prey as well.  Salt water Crocs are known to get their chompers around huge animals, like water buffalo, wildebeest, and wild boars.  Witnesses have seen them eating things like monkeys and even sharks.  Salties are great hunters and once they have you in their jaws their is not getting out.  With a bite force of 3,700lbs per square inch, you want to make sure you are know where near that massive snap trap.

Do Salt Water Crocs go in the ocean?

Salt Water Crocodiles are pretty wide spread and can be found in parts Australia, parts of India and Southeast Asia.  They are incredibly diverse and can survive in pretty much all water systems, including brackish, fresh water and salt water.  Salties can and have been seen out in the ocean.  Some have been documented very far out at sea even being seen as far as the Fiji Islands, but choosing salt water habitats tend to be done in more harsh times or when they are looking to take over new territories.  These fascinating reptiles will often use the currents of the oceans to travel farther distances.

Are they dangerous to humans?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to write this defenders, but yes Salt Water Crocs are very dangerous and an animal that you want to view from a distance.  Crocs in general are very cryptic which means they are good at blending in when it is hunting time, so playing around near the water in croc territory is not a smart idea.  Salt Water Crocs and Nile Crocs have both been documented attacking humans and out of all the 8-10 species of crocs involved in attacks, these two are the most document.  Records show that salt water and nile crocs tend to attack for predatory reasons, when other crocs attack for territorial reasons.   Which means a Salt Water Crocodile will have no problem eating you if he can get his chompers on you.


Salt Water Crocs Are Good Mothers!

Oh man, you heard that right defenders!  Salt Water Crocodile mommies are really great at being moms!  They have huge levels of maternal care, which means they spend a lot of time protecting their babies and being mommies.  The females will help with hatching by rolling the eggs around in their mouths.  The females will carry the babies in her mouth down to the water.  The females will guard all the babies from predators for several months to make sure they have a lower likelihood of being eaten and like most crocs, salt water croc babies make a cute yelping noise, they make when in distress. The mothers will listen for to make sure that her babies don't need help!

How cool is that! Right Defenders? Who knew that such a rugged prehistoric beast could be such a great parent!  Speaking of prehistoric, be sure to head over to our kids zone to learn all about the amazing dinosaurs and animals that once roamed our planet.  You can also watch dozens of animals videos right on our you tube channel!  See you guys there!


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