Most animals in the wild prefer to eat something alive! Whether it's hunting another animal and getting that fresh meat, or eating some fresh plants and veggies, the food webs of the world are generally made up of living matter. But scavengers have a different agenda! When an animal is a scavenger, it has unique eating habits where the majority of what they consume is made up of dead plant or animal matter. Scavengers actually play a vital role in the ecosystem because they help clear out a lot of the dead matter left behind from other animals hunting, or organisms that have just died naturally. Some various scavengers in the animal kingdom include... Most scavenging animals also have another means of getting food, usually as predators of other living animals. However there are some rare scavengers that will only eat dead matter, such as many species of Vulture. There are also many species of animals that aren't primary scavengers like Lions, but when given the chance or if they are lacking in other food sources they will scavenge as well.

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