Scorpions Glow In The Dark!

It sounds crazy but it's true, scorpions will glow in the dark! Like all arthropods, scorpions have an exoskeleton instead of an internal skeleton. What is an arthropod? But unlike other arthropods, scorpions have a feature that allows them to glow a blue-green color in the dark. They will also glow if you shine a UV light on them! This feature is as awesome as it is mysterious.

This happens because their exoskeleton absorbs UV light. Researchers covered the eyes of scorpions and discovered that scorpions can still detect certain kinds of light even when blindfolded! There are some researchers who believe that they use their whole body as an eye, able to tell their brain when they're exposed to even the faintest of lights that maybe their own eyes can't pick up. This would come in handy if you're trying to hide at nighttime, and you want to hide from nocturnal animals with excellent night vision.

You can meet Shadow, our emperor scorpion here.

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