Stroba-wa -wa??  Storbilation is such an important section for the Scyphozoa center because it is an important step in the weird life cycle of Jellyfish!  Jellyfish have a multi stage life cycle and they actually breed sexually and asexually.  Once the jellyfish has spent around 6 months pumping around the ocean they will start to reach adult sizes.  This is when the adults start doing something known as spawning. Spawning is when males will release sperm and females will release eggs and with lots of luck the eggs will become fertilized.  This new fertilized larvae will float around until landing in a perfect spot for attaching to the surface of things like rocks.

You won’t believe what happens next Defenders! That larvae starts to develop into a long towering polyp called the scyphistoma.  This scyphistoma is super cool because it is like a mini cannon which shoots out baby jellyfish!  That’s right Defenders! It literally shoots out baby jellyfish!  How you ask? It does this through different types of division.  

Strobilation is such a unique method for reproduction and this method of reproduction is used by only Cnidarians and Tapeworms! How cool is that?!?!  Want to learn more about learn more fascinating animal facts, check out the Animal Wonders of the World tile in the Kids’ Zone.

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