Sucker Punch of The Sea

If you have ever been sucker punched or seen someone get sucker punched in a video, then you are aware that it's not something most people want to be a part of. Usually, the sucker punch consists of one person throwing a quick and powerful punch while another unsuspecting person takes the punch completely unprotected. That is exactly what it is like being stung by a box jellyfish; it’s described as a sucker punch.  These very small, almost see-through jellyfish are dubbed the sucker punch of the sea due to their powerful sting and because you don’t really know you are near box jellyfish until you are hit with that punch. Have you been stung by a jellyfish, Defenders? Hopefully it wasn’t the sucker punch of the sea. To learn more about another powerful stinging animal, check out the Meet the Sea Wasp tile in the Kids' Zone!

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