The Freshest Angel In Town: The Freshwater Angelfish

This week we are featuring a freshwater fish found in parts of South America. The species name is Pterophyllum scalare and they are some very impressive fish with some awesome fins. There is not a lot of information out related to this fish, but we wanted to break down some commonly asked questions. 

What do Freshwater Angelfish eat in the wild?

Angelfish occupy both fresh and salt water and they both have the same diets no matter what type of water they live in. These little fish are omnivores and love eating things like invertebrates, smaller crustaceans, along with floating debris and algae. They are found in South America and have beautiful wispy fins. Some more specific items that the Freshwater Angelfish eats are prawns and Bloodworms. 

How long do Freshwater Angelfish live?

A large majority of fish have a relatively long life span. Freshwater Angelfish live to be around 10 years old, which is pretty impressive for a smaller freshwater fish. This is no match for Koi Fish which have lived for as long as 200 years or Bigmouth Buffalo Fish which live to be more than 100 years old. 

Do they get along with other fish?

Freshwater Angelfish are usually kept as a pet fish in the aquarium hobby. They are relatively easy to care for fish with low maintenance requirements, but we do not have any other detailed info on care, as we do not have any here are Critter Squad Headquarters. But, Freshwater Angelfish are capable of being housed with a few other species and other angelfish as well. 

If I buy an Angelfish am I destroying wild populations?

This is a great question defenders and it is one that is not asked enough. Freshwater Angelfish currently have stable populations in the wild and they are not currently a classified species by the IUCN.  This means that the majority of Angelfish in the hobby are captive bred or properly removed and fished from the wild. It is safe to safe that you will not be destroying wild populations if you maintain a few Freshwater Angelfish in your hobby tank at home. 

Be sure to check out the Ocean Center and Animal Kingdom to learn more about the freshwater and marine fish that live in the world. The oceans are facing struggles around the planet and it is important to learn and teach others about nature. See you guys there defenders!

Keep Exploring Defenders!