Tiger Salamanders- The Secret of the Mole-manders

Hey Defenders- welcome back to another weekly blog about our awesome animal of the week called the Tiger Salamander! Tiger Salamanders are also called Mole Salamanders, which is why I like to refer to them as MOLE-MANDERS!  That was supposed to have a spooky Halloween feel, but you guys can comment on this blog and let me know if you read it that way. I may have to continue working on my in writing effects.  Speaking of which, Tiger Salamanders have great colors for the season- that black and yellow is a perfect match for Halloween.  Some people can be a little eeeked out by salamanders because they think that they are slimy.  I personally think that salamanders have a cool, slimy feel to them.  It's not gross , but rather smooth and cold to the touch.  Salamanders in general are pretty unique and we have answered some great questions on Tiger Salamanders below to help you learn why people love and appreciate them so much.

What does a Tiger Salamander eat?

Tiger Salamanders are rather tough for a slippery amphibian, but they do prefer to eat a variety of softer bodied invertebrates, like earth worms and slugs. In fact the Tiger Salamanders we have here are Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders, love eating their night crawlers, which is also a soft bodied invertebrate.  Mole-manders do eat other insects, such as crickets and occasional snails, although some can be a little hard to break down and digest.  Tiger Salamanders tend to eat things walking in front of them so, they can occasionally eat smaller amphibians as well.

Are they big?

Tiger Salamanders are really big, defenders!  In fact they are currently known as the largest land dwelling salamander. There is a few fully aquatic salamanders that are much larger in size like the Chinese Giant Salamander, which can reach over 3.5 ft in length.  Tigers do get a little pudgy, which actually makes them really cute and they can reach up to 14 inches which makes them as long as someone's forearm!  That's pretty big!

Tiger Salamanders return to their birthplace!

Someone once told me that Tiger Salamanders were very loyal. I was confused because I didn't know if she meant that they were loyal to each other, their mates or maybe they were loyal to a particular type of food? Well, it turns out she meant that they were loyal to their native birth place, which is referred to as a natal pond.   The salamanders spend a decent amount of time traveling, sometimes long distances, to reach these natal ponds to mate and reproduce.  Their mating process is quite unique as well, but we will save that for a different blog.


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