Traits of a reptile

All major groups of animals are defined by a certain group of characteristics or universal identifiers. The majority of these major characteristics are recognized all over the world. For example, birds have feathers. It doesn’t matter what continent you are on, the people there know that all birds have feathers. People also know that birds have wings. There are some animals that share characteristics. For example, some insects and birds both have wings, but they both don’t have feathers. Which means when you see an animal with both wings and feathers then it is most certainly a bird. Reptiles also have some key characteristics that are shared by all reptiles. Do know you any traits of a reptile, Defenders?


Reptiles are a huge group of animals

This group consists of snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, and the Tuataras. For starters, all reptiles have a backbone. Besides that, reptiles have one major factor that makes them all reptiles and that is scales! Scales are very important to a reptile and are like fingernails covering the entire reptile's body. Scales help a reptile with protection and drying out. Reptiles are cold blooded! This is not a trait that can be seen with the naked eye, but it is a trait that all reptiles share. Cold blooded animals need external heat sources to stay warm, like the sun or a heat light. Lastly, all reptiles lay eggs! Well, not ALL reptiles… there are a few reptiles that actually give live birth, however, the majority of reptiles do lay eggs.

Each group of reptiles have their own unique traits as well. For example, all snakes have no legs and forked tongues. Turtles and tortoises all have shells, and all lizards have legs. Except those special lizards with NO legs!

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