Types of Snake Teeth

All snakes have teeth, but not all snakes have the same teeth. While there are some similarities (all snakes swallow their food whole, meaning no teeth are used for chewing food) there are many differences. Snake teeth can be categorized into four different groups:


  • Means “lacking in grooves”
  • All teeth are similar in shape and size
  • Most snakes with these teeth are non venomous and are harmless to humans
  • Includes snakes such as the Burmese Python


  • Means “rear grooved”
  • Have enlarged teeth in the back of their jaw
  • These enlarged teeth are grooved to channel venom
  • The snake must quickly move prey to the back of its mouth to inject the venom
  • Includes snakes such as the Hog Nose Snake


  • Means “Forward Grooved”
  • These snakes have very few teeth except for their enlarged fangs
  • Fangs point downwards, are short and hollow
  • Snake must hang into its prey in order to inject venom
  • Includes snakes such as the King Cobra


  • Means “Pipe Grooved”
  • These fangs are folded up against the roof of the mouth
  • Can inject large quantities of venom
  • These types of teeth are unique to vipers
  • Includes snakes such as the rattlesnake

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