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Ungulate – any hoofed mammal

Unguligrade – gait in which only the tips of the digits, covered in hooves, touch the ground

Urodelan – group of limbed, lizardlike amphibians consisting of salamanders and newts

Urticating Hair – (in invertebrates) barbed hairs that are used as a defensive mechanism

Venom – a toxin produced by an animal that is typically injected into prey or aggressors via a bite or sting

Vertebrate – an animal with a backbone

Vibrisse – stiff hairs or whiskers projecting from the face and used for sensory reception

Viviparous – method of reproduction in which young are produced at a stage of development in which they are active

Vomeronasal Organ – a special “smell-taste” organ in the hard palate of many mammals and squamate reptiles

Wattle – (in birds) a bare, fleshy area of skin, often highly colored and pendulous, that usually hangs from the throat or around the eyes

Wing – any of a number of specialized paired appendages that enable some animals to fly

Zoonosis – a disease which can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Zygodactyl – (in birds) having two toes facing forward and two facing the rear

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