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Urbanization describes the process of making an area more urban. This can mean growing a city by expanding the suburbs. It can mean putting up roads and buildings in previously uninhabited space. This often goes hand in hand with deforestation as we destroy forests to build farms and roads. Urbanization often results in a loss of habitat for many animals. Loss of habitat is a main cause for the endangerment of many animals, including the California Desert Tortoise. Urbanization not only builds over habitats, but the roads provide another danger to the tortoise. They’re often hit by cars crossing as they try to cross the street. You can read here what to do if you find a tortoise crossing the road.
Although urbanization has major drawbacks, it is a way for human animals (that’s us!) to live more efficient lives. Living in cities typically requires fewer resources than living in rural areas. It is often necessary for a developing country to urbanize, but it must be done with nature in mind.

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