Sea sponges are very useful life forms underneath the water, and they were incredibly useful outside the water as well.  I say “were” because humans don’t use sea sponges the same ways we used to. Humans and sea sponges have a major history together.  If we ask any defender to guess what they think a sea sponge might be for, the first and most obvious guess would be the an actual sponge! They would be right, sea sponges for the most part were actually used as sponges for cleaning surfaces and our bodies in a bath. In fact, humans used sea sponges for quite a while, until they started to figure out methods for designing synthetic sponges that we use today.

Believe it or not, humans have used sea sponges for lots of other stuff, like padding in helmets and shoes, filters for drinking water, sweeping, painting, decorations… the list goes on. Sponges were used by the Ancient Greeks for cleaning, collecting water for drinking and there is evidence that shows gladiators even used it to put on heavy perfumes before going out into battle.  The Ancient Egyptians even used sea sponges for embalming bodies.  The sea sponges were used to wipe and spread oils all over the person being embalmed.

Sea Sponges are not really used anymore due to our ability to manufacture high quality items like tools, cleaning supplies, luffas and sponges. That's great defenders, because it means more Sea Sponges are staying in the oceans!  Want to learn about all the cool animals in the Ocean? Be sure to check out the Ocean Center in the Kids’ Zone.

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