Venomous Animals

If you remember from our article on poisonous vs. venomous animals, they both can be very dangerous, but also have their unique differences. Well here we are going to talk about some more examples of those animals that need to sting or bite you to inject their toxins - that's right, Venomous Animals!!!

Like poison, venom is a form of toxin, but venom is always made from an animal with the purpose of causing harm. Venom in animals has evolved to serve a variety of purposes - while poison is generally a defense mechanism, many venomous animals use their venom primarily in attacking prey, as well as for defense against predators. Just as poison can come in many strengths and intensities, venom can also range from mild effects such as discomfort, swelling, and pain...all the way to paralysis and death. Venomous animals will deliver their venom mainly through stings and bites, however some animals have unique methods of injecting their toxin. Most creatures that are venomous are Arthropods like Insects and Arachnids, Reptiles like Snakes and Lizards, or Fish. There are still some venomous Mammals though, as well as a few amphibians that are venomous instead of poisonous.


Some venomous animals include...

  • All Spiders and Scorpions, although only a handful have deadly or very dangerous venom for humans.
  • Many Cnidarians, like Jellyfish and even some Coral.
  • Snakes such as Taipans, Vipers, and Cobras.
  • Bruno's casque-headed Frog
  • Gila Monsters
  • The Platypus
  • Fish such as Scorpionfishes, Stonefishes, and the Cockatoo Waspfish
  • Bees & some Ants
  • Slow Lorises

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