Weird Foods!

Animals live in different places around the world and survive by eating all sorts of foods. When we think of foods animals eat, we think of pretty common foods that you or I might eat as well.

However, some animals eat some very strange things you and I would never think of as food!

Corprophagy means the eating of feces. (poop) While this sounds gross to us, many animals do this to get an extra source of vitamins.

  • Flies (eat the feces of other animals)
  • Rabbits (eat their own droppings)
  • Koalas (baby koalas eat their mother’s feces to gain extra nutrients)

Skin Some animals will eat the skin of themselves or another animal.

  • Geckos will eat their shedding skin as a source of nutrients
  • Caecilians (these snake-like amphibians feed on the quickly regenerating skin of their mother as babies!)
  • Squirrels (California Ground Squirrels will chew up snake skin in hopes that the smell of it prevents snakes from coming after them)

Hematophagy is the consumption of blood. Blood drinking isn’t just for mosquitos, many animals feed on the blood of others!

  • Vampire Finch (feeds on the blood of other birds)
  • Vampire Bat (feed on sleeping mammals, such as livestock)
  • Lamprey (latches into prey with its funnel-like mouth full of teeth)

There are many other strange diets found in the animal world.

  • Madagascan Moth (feeds on the tears of sleeping birds!)
  • Carrion Beetles (its larvae tunnel into the eggs of unborn baby snakes and eat them!)
  • Skua (this bird terrorizes other birds, forcing them to vomit out of stress. The Skua then eats the other bird’s vomit)

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