What do reptiles eat?

Mmmmmmm food….. Sorry defenders, I think I am a little hungry while writing this page! I would love to eat some food, but I don't like what reptiles eat…or do I? Speaking of food, did you guys know there are a TON of reptiles on the planet, and they all love eating food as well?

People are always asking us, “What do Reptiles Eat”. Well, that is a very good question and reptiles have so many different foods they choose to eat and many different feeding strategies. A feeding strategy is a style of eating the animal most regularly uses to survive. So, a reptile may be a carnivore, which eats only meat. A reptile may be an insectivore which specializes in eating only insects. Reptiles can even be an herbivore, which specializes in eating plants.

Here is a list of some reptiles and their feeding strategies:

  • Iguanas (Herbivores)
  • Collared Lizard (Insectivore)
  • Pythons (Carnivores)
  • Boas (Carnivores)
  • King Snakes (Carnivores)
  • Turtles (Omnivores)
  • Tortoises (Herbivores)

Reptile Diets

Some reptiles don’t always live by the standard rules when it comes to reptile feeding strategies, and some have very strange diets. For example, Yellow Foot Tortoises are mostly herbivores, but will eat other meat products like crayfish or other inverts. Sea Turtles love eating ocean plants, but they will also eat things like jellyfish. Kingsnakes are mostly a rodent eating snake, but they will sometimes eat young birds and even rattlesnakes! Pythons and Boas will usually eat any animal that comes to their mouth, but some eat birds and massive lizards regularly. There is even a snake called the Blunthead Tree Snake which specializes in eating snails. The world of diets is huge and there are many animals that specialize in eating plants and animals that also live in their habitat, so some reptiles have very strange diets. Head over to our reptile center to learn about other reptiles with weird diets.

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