What is a Habitat/Biome?

A Habitat is an environment that’s inhabited by a certain type of animal. A habitat is more than just a shelter for the animal, it’s the entire environment the animal lives in and is essential in order for the animal to live and grow. In order for an animal to have a successful habitat, the habitat needs to have many things.

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter (for both protection from the weather, and predators)
  • A place to raise its young

Habitats vary from animal to animal and there are many different habitats

Many animals have adapted to thrive in their habitats

  • Chinchillas have thick fur and are incredibly nimble, which helps them in their habitat which is the cold and rocky mountains of the Andes
  • Uromastyx have adapted to the incredibly hot desert habitats they live in and get all the water they need from the vegetation they eat.
  • Green Iguanas have green scales to camouflage with their jungle habitat and strong sharp claws to climb high up in the trees.

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