What is a Mammalogist?

Howdy Defenders - hopefully you've got a clue about this article just from the name. Let's talk about being a Mammalogist, or someone who studies mammals! Mammalogy is the official study of mammals, and it has also been known as "theriology" "therology" and "mastology". Because the world of mammals is diverse, with over 4,000 different species, there are many different specializations inside mammalogy such as primatology, the study of specifically primates. A mammalogist would be someone who studies the group of mammals as a whole, although a primatologist would also be considered a mammalogist - just one who specializes in primates. And all of these studies and mammalogy as a whole, are part of the bigger study of zoology - the study of the animal kingdom!

Some other specializations of mammalogy would include:

  •  Cetology - the study of cetaceans, also known as "marine mammals" like dolphins and whales!
  • Rodentology - the study of rodents, like mice, rats, and beavers.
  • Felinology - the study of felines, like lions, lynxes, and tigers.
  • And much more!

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