What Is A Proboscis?

You may not have heard the word proboscis before, but you have probably seen a proboscis before.  In fact the world largest mammal has a proboscis. Yup, that's right defenders! The animal we are talking about is the elephant and the proboscis is the the elephants nose!  However, a proboscis is not just any ordinary nose. It is actually a long extended nose that is used for sucking, smelling and manipulating things. The animal kingdom contains only a few groups with species that rock a proboscis and that is the mammals, insects, and invertebrates, like worms, gastropods and mollusks.   We have made a list below of animals with some impressive proboscis. 

Examples of species with a proboscis:

We are going to continue building our list of animals with a proboscis. Meanwhile we have created plenty for you to do in the kids zone, including learning about all wildlife in our Animal Kingdom Center and plants in our Botany Center.  Be sure to check out all the fun!

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