What is a Siphonophore?

There are many cool groups of animals that we can talk about and this group is literally a GROUP of animals. The Siphonophores are in the coral family and they are an intermingled group of tiny organisms that work together like a more complex organism.   These Siphonophores are made up of dozens and sometimes hundreds of smaller Siphonophores, called Zooids, and these little Zooids can only survive with the rest of the Zooids in the colonies.  All of the Zooids work together. Unknown to many people the Siphonophore is one of the longest living organisms on the planet.

One of the most popular Siphonophore is the blue Portuguese Man o’ War, which you can learn about in the Jelly Pretender tile of the kids’ zone.  Most members of the group Siphonophore tend to resemble jellyfish, but some can take on very abstract features. Just like the other Cnidarians, they use nematocytes for catching their prey.  These guys are fantastic!

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