What is an amphibian?


  • Are vertebrates (they have a backbone)
  • They are ectothermic (cold blooded and cannot control their body temperature)
  • Do not have fur, scales or feathers
  • Are carnivores and many are even cannibals!
  • Many have many mucus glands all over their body (this gives them a slimy feel when you touch them)

The mucus glands that give an amphibian their slimy skin, might feel weird, but it’s very important as it allows them to:

  • Absorb water through their skin to stay hydrated (amphibians don’t usually drink water the way you do)
  • Breath through their skin

When amphibians are born, they hatch from eggs, have gills, no limbs and a tail to help them swim, but as they grow they experience a metamorphosis which means they go through many changes as they enter adulthood that might include

  • Growing limbs
  • Growing lungs
  • Their tail shrinking

Amphibians are divided into three groups

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