What Is Predation?

Predation is used to describe the relationship between a predator and prey. Sounds easy right? To break it down further, predators are organisms that stalk, chase, hunt, ambush and ultimately eat another organism.  Prey, are organisms being eaten by the predators.  The common animals that normally become causalities to predation are insects, mice, rats, and lizards, but these animals can also be predators.  As soon as any living thing successfully catches,kills and eats another living thing, predation has occurred.  We have listed some classic predation example from the animal kingdom.

List of predators and prey:

Lynx- Hare

Killer Whale- Harbor Seal

Lion- Gazelle

Praying Mantis- Fly

Bearded Dragon- Cricket

Rhode Island Red Chicken- Meal Worm

Red Tail Hawk- Cotton Tail Rabbit


This is just a few examples of predation in both wild and domestic species of animals and nowhere close to all the examples of predation found in the animal kingdom.  So many relationships have evolved giving predators tools to gain the upper hand in catching prey and prey have evolved some great tools to elude predators.  You can continue learning about predators and prey by exploring the Animal Kingdom in the Kids Zone.


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