Where’s My Head?

If you ever find an earthworm in the dirt, you'll notice that it doesn't look like other animals. They don't have great legs, a face, or hands, but what do they have? The first thing you'll notice is a bump near the middle of the worm that looks smooth When you compare it to the rest of the body. That's not a head, it's the clitellum and the worm uses it for reproduction. Look closer, you'll see the worms body is a long group of small body segments. That's because worms belong to a class of animals called annelids, which means "little rings" in Latin. Each segment has muscles to move the worm forward through the dirt. If you look at the worm as two sides, divided middle by the clitellum one side should be fatter than the other. Follow the segments on this fat side to the end, and you'll find the segment that opens into the mouth. It may not have eyes and a nose or an adorable grin, but this is the closest a worm has to a head.

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