Who Are The Passerines?

The Passerine birds are a vast group of birds with over 6,500 species.  Passerine birds are regularly called the song birds, due to their control over the syrinx muscles.  Their ability to control the syrinx muscles allow them to create a huge range of noises and vocalizations, including rather detail vocalizations we refer to as songs.  Not all noises made by passerine birds are musical, but they are detailed and complex none the less.

They can all be recognized by the layout of their feet.  All passerines have three front facing toes and one backward facing toe, which gives them huge benefits when landing and perching on things.  This is why they are also referred to as the perching birds.

Cool Facts About Passerines:

  • Largest order of birds.
  • Most diverse order of terrestrial vertebrates.
  • Largest Passerine is the Thick-Billed Raven.
  • Smallest Passerine is the Short-Tailed Pygmy Tyrant.
  • Special tendons help the bird sleep while perching without falling off branch.
  • Babies are altricial and require extensive parental care.

Here are some Passerine birds we have featured in the Kids' Zone:

Passerines are a HUGE order of birds and there is many amazing species and families that we will be covering in other tiles of the Bird Center.  Please check out the Dicksissel- Animal of the Week tile! These are cute, little passerine birds and their is a lot of info in the kids zone! So, head over and check it out defenders!

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