Eggs as a food source!

Eggs are so yummy, aren’t they defenders?  Not only are eggs loved and eaten by humans, but they are devoured by many other animals as well. The egg is a containment center for everything needed to create a baby animal. Fish lay eggs, birds lay eggs, reptiles lay eggs, amphibians lay eggs, and insects lay eggs. With so many different egg-layers in the wild, there will certainly be the evolution of animals that love eating eggs! Animal eggs are a great source for much needed protein and vitamins that can be hard to find in other food sources. There are so many predators out there willing to take advantage of eggs and the animals that make them. This causes animals to adapt and therefore they have become very good at protecting and hiding their eggs.


If you put your mind to it you can probably name a few animals that love to eat eggs. The African egg eating snake is a reptile that specializes in eating eggs. This snake will actually swallow the entire egg whole and then they regurgitate the egg shell after. Argentine Tegus are really large ground dwelling lizards that are great at locating eggs with their long forked tongues. Foxes have a fantastic sense of smell and won’t think twice about snacking on a variety of animal eggs. Ravens and a significant number of bird species even raid nests for eggs, including other bird nests.  To make a long story short, eggs are on the menu for just about everyone in the animal kingdom.

How do animals protect their eggs?

This increase in egg lovers means animals need to be strategic on how they hide their eggs. Snakes mostly bury their eggs to hide them, but some massive python and boa species will wrap around their eggs to protect them.  Many species of geckos will hide their eggs under tree bark and leaves, out of the sight of predators. Birds like Osprey make their nests for their eggs at the tops of dead trees, so barely any predators can find them. Surinam Toads take things even farther and protect the eggs by leaving them in holes in their back.  That’s right defenders! They literally keep the eggs, in holes, in their backs!!!

This creative world of egg production and protection is far more detailed than this page is able to describe, so if you want to learn more about the animals that make eggs, then head to the animal kingdom page where you can find the reptile center, insect center or the bird center to start exploring some of the animals that make eggs.


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