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Do Frogs And Toads Give You Warts?

The world is filled with rumors and superstitions around animals.  From black cats being bad luck, or Pink River Dolphins being past humans superstitions tend to change from person to person or location to location. Today we are focusing on toads and it has long been believed that toads will give you warts.  In fact…

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Frog vs. Toad

Check out a new Critter Squad comparison video, showing off the similarities and differences between frogs and toads!  


Meet the African Bullfrog – Kermit!

Meet our wonderful African Bullfrog, Kermit! These guys are a very large species that is known to have a huge diet. The can reach up to the size of a dinner plate!  There is a lot more you can learn about these frogs, inside the kids zone!  If you are on the go and can’t…

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