amphibian ark

Amphibian Ark

In this tile we are featuring an organization that does huge things for amphibian conservation and amphibian awareness around the planet.  They are known as the Amphibian Ark and they are the combine efforts of three organizations, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Conservation Planning Specialist Group, and the Amphibian Specialist Group. The groups…

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toad in hand

Do Frogs And Toads Give You Warts?

The world is filled with rumors and superstitions around animals.  From black cats being bad luck, or Pink River Dolphins being past humans superstitions tend to change from person to person or location to location. Today we are focusing on toads and it has long been believed that toads will give you warts.  In fact…

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Chytrid fungus

What is Chytrid Fungus?

The Chytrid Fungus is a dangerous, deadly and extremely infectious disease that affects amphibians.  Chytrid Fungus or simply “Chytrid” is shortened for Chytridiomycosis and technically not the words you want to hear if you are an amphibian. Chytrid Fungus is directly linked to the decline of numerous species of amphibians, some of which also went…

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Screen Shot    at    PM

Lizard vs. Salamander!

Here’s another comparison video, this time showcasing Lizard vs. Salamander! You can learn more about animals and watch our other videos on our You Tube Channel. We hope to see you there, meanwhile have fun learning in the kids zone!